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Which dedicated SSL do you provide for free?

November 19, 2014     0 comments

WestNIC provides free dedicated security certificates in various packages: ePRO (web hosting), premium reseller and SD (semi-dedicated) packages. At this moment (2014-2015) we install free 256-bit RapidSSL from Geotrust or 256-bit PositiveSSL from Comodo. Installation and support are free of charge.

If you're using different hosting package or need to purchase additional SSL, here are new prices for 2015:

PositiveSSL (Comodo): $15.95 per year. You can save up to 20% off automatically if you select "5 year SSL".
RapidSSL (Geotrust): $19.95 per year. You can save up to 15% off automatically if you select "4 year SSL".
Thawte SSL: $56.95 per year. You can save up to 15% off automatically if you select "4 year SSL" during order submission. You can order your dedicated SSL here: https://billing.westnic.net/order.php?step=0&productGroup=3

Please note: each dedicated security certificate (SSL) requires dedicated IP. We sell dedicated IP for $2.00/month. Please contact sales or billing for more information.

As soon as you placed an order for dedicated security certificate, please submit support ticket to https://support.westnic.net with following information:

* a) Domain name for SSL renewal/installation (Domain name for SSL installation.
* b) Company name (commercial sites only) or Site Name (non-commercial sites)
* c) Full Name
* d) Full Address (including City, State/Province and postal code/index)
* e) Phone Number in following format: country code + city code + phone number. Example: +1 212 6711942
* f) Company Division (for example, "Sales" or "Support")

If you host your e-mail externally, we will also need the following:

- Temporary e-mail address (one of the following: admin[at]domain.com, webmaster[at]domain.com or hostmaster[at]domain.com)
- Access point where we can login and check e-mail box
- Username
- Password

Please note that SSL renewal is not an automatic process. All certificates have to be renewed manually via https://support.westnic.net 

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