How long does it take to establish new hosting account with WestNIC?

 March 15, 2018     0 Comments

Shared and premium reseller hosting accounts are being setup within 60 minutes or less. Please note that we normally call card holder or Paypal account holder to confirm order over the phone. If you didn't receive phone call from us and wish to expedite order, please call: 1-212-671-1942 from 10 AM to 6 PM EST, Monday - Friday.

New customers receive welcome email (subject "Welcome to WestNIC!") which contain the following:

- customer number and server ID (hostname of the server);
- username and password to cPanel/WHM
- IPs and DNS

Please save this email in safe place, ideally, on flash card. Do not store server passwords in the browser or online. If you lose welcome email, please submit support ticket to We'll need the following:

- domain name and username to cPanel/WHM
- last 6 digits of credit card number on file or Paypal transaction ID

New welcome email will be sent to billing contact.

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